Creation Evangelism in Trinidad!


One of our supporters, equipped with AiG overhead transparencies, books, and other materials, traveled to the island country of Trinidad in the Caribbean to speak at a series of meetings.

Recently, one of our supporters, equipped with AiG overhead transparencies, books, and other materials, traveled to the island country of Trinidad in the Caribbean to speak at a series of meetings. The following report he e-mailed to me further demonstrates what a need there is for Christians to take the vital message of Biblical authority and accuracy to countries around the world.

- Ken Ham, AiG-US Executive Director


I have just returned from the country of Trinidad after an 8-day teaching/preaching trip proclaiming the truth and authority of the Bible. I had been invited by a local Pastor to come and teach about evolution as an anti-God religion. I asked Gary Parker [an occasional AiG lecturer] if he would like to accompany me. He was able to free up the time and go. What happened during the 8 days was something that I was not prepared for. God moved in so many miraculous ways, that the trip became a faith-building trip for me as much as for those we were able to minister to in Trinidad.

We were able to speak and teach in 9 different churches on the two Sundays; during the week we were at the University of the West Indies, 2 Bible colleges, 5 high schools, and two call in radio programs during the weekdays; and for 5 nights during the week, we team-taught the evidence for creation from 6:30-9:30.

Gary taught from the science perspective, and I taught from the Biblical authority perspective, and boy, what an impact it had! The church that commissioned me as a missionary had been praying for weeks, as well as many others both here in the USA and Trinidad. God had prepared hearts and the impact of God’s message was dramatic.

Countering false teaching

What was particularly dramatic for me was when I gave the message of the “Relevance of Creation” to over 200 Bible College students at a Bible College on Thursday night. Unknown to us, evidently Benny Hinn had been down there not too long ago and had been teaching millions of years and old earth either from the gap or theistic evolution perspective. (The fall of Satan and the ensuing battle between him and God destroying the earth in the process.) The fact that we, from both a literal interpretation of scripture and from science, directly and clearly contradicted Hinn’s teaching of an old earth, was at first shocking, then enlightening to them. Then as God’s truth penetrated their hearts, it turned to joy, in that they really could trust the Bible from the very first verse.

Ken, when I attended the banquet you spoke at last year, the message you gave was right on. It is not by the evidence that we believe, it is by the authority of the scripture. I gave that message over and over in the churches in Trinidad, and the results were overwhelming. Person after person, particularly the pastors and church leaders came up to me and said how thrilled they were that at last, there were people like us, who were taking God at his word and not buying the evolutionary line.

Answer to prayer!

At the first Church I spoke in, the pastor told me that I had no idea about how long he had been praying and asking God about how to teach on the Creation, and how he had absolutely no idea where to go for material or information. Then my contact called him and told him that we were coming and he praised God for an answer to prayer. Then when he was told that maybe one of us could come to his church and preach, he was thrilled. When he told me this, it nearly brought tears to my eyes, knowing the trouble we had with the aircraft (a story in itself), and how it had taken the intervention of God for us to be there in time.

In a poor country where the average person makes less than $300 US a month, people purchased many books and videos. We gave out over five hundred of A.I.G. Web site flyers and all the catalogues we had. The hunger for truth in the church was obvious.

I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to go and serve. It was a great field-training trip for me. But most important, it authenticated the call that I felt from God to put my resources into the ministry of teaching the relevance of creation.

The hunger for information is strong. If what I saw in Trinidad is any indication, we not only have a huge task, but a window of opportunity is open to reach the Caribbean.

I thank God that you brought the message to the USA, and I stand ready to join the front lines in this battle.

Jim Gardner


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