Basic Rules of Interpretation

The Bible is a treasure box. To open the fullness of the treasure within, Christians must use a certain key—hermeneutics, or the rules of interpretation. The correct interpretation of Scripture is almost as important as the doctrine of verbal inspiration itself.

Interpreting the Bible Accurately

God is capable of accurately relaying His Word to us in a way that we can understand. It is crucial that we interpret properly to determine the intended meaning rather than forcing ideas into the text.

Must We Interpret the Bible Literally?

If Adam was not a literal, historical person who literally rebelled against God by eating a literal fruit, thus bringing in the Curse upon this world, then why did Jesus (a descendant of the literal Adam) come to die on the Cross. It is important to take God at His Word in all areas, particularly in Genesis, which is foundational to the gospel message itself.

Genesis and a Literal Six Days

To interpret Genesis 1–11 in the same way Jesus did, you must treat the passage as historical narrative and follow the standard principles of interpretation. When you do this, it is clear that God created everything in six normal-length days approximately six thousand years ago.

Hermeneutics Topics

Articles About Hermeneutics


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