Reaching Post Communist Bulgaria with the Gospel

on January 1, 2007
Featured in Answers Magazine

In a land ravaged by decades of evolutionary-based communism, Bulgarians are hungry for the truth, especially on the subject of origins. For the past eight years, Pastor Darin Ivanov has been reaching out to his country through creation evangelism. This includes translating for Dr. Monty White of Answers in Genesis-UK during several tours, and translating creation booklets and videos into Bulgarian.

In July 2006 Ivanov’s ministry, Creation Science-Bulgaria (online at, set up TVs and DVDs in 10 different locations across Bulgaria to play translated creation material. In addition, each location is supplied with Bulgarian printed witnessing materials.

Darin says that not only have Christian schools and churches been very receptive to the resources, but so have public schools, public libraries including the National Library, public universities, and even the National Academe of Science. Darin’s work is yielding much fruit in a land that is now open to Christianity.

Answers Magazine

January – March 2007


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