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Dr. David Crandall was a convert to creation evangelism long ago. Having preached God’s Word in 80 countries, he knows that, while languages vary, the need to know the Creator does not. It’s universal.

Twelve years ago Crandall learned of a universal need—to refute evolution on every continent. From Africa to Antarctica, its pervasiveness knows no boundaries. The need for faith-strengthening material became obvious when he and teams from Gospel Literature Services and Answers in Genesis (AiG) brought literature to pastors in the Ukraine. He recalls the excitement when the pastors opened the boxes of books about creation. “These are more valuable to me than gold,” one of the pastors told Crandall as he hugged the stack of books.

Sadly, Crandall has found that many distributors of gospel literature have failed to teach the foundational truths from Genesis.

“When you combine good, solid gospel literature with the message of Genesis, you are providing the world with a powerful tool that paints a picture of an all-powerful Creator God and Savior,” Crandall says.

Since joining AiG in February 2006, Dr. Crandall, along with his wife, Diana, has teamed up with translators from around the world to provide AiG’s Bible-affirming material in 75 languages. The goal is to provide a library of resources, free of charge, for every Bible school and seminary around the world.

So how can Christians help communicate the whole gospel to the world? Crandall says that people should consider creative ways to distribute gospel tracts or booklets. Many tracts are already available in numerous languages. In today’s world, you don’t have to go on a mission trip to reach other people groups. Local universities and workplaces are easy-to-reach and incredibly needy mission fields.

How is God calling you to help spread His Truth—from the very first verse—to the rest of the world? How will you respond?

Answers Magazine

October – December 2007


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