Is the Bible True?

Can We Really Prove the Bible Is True?

“How do you know the Bible is true?” That’s a fair question and worthy of a thoughtful answer. Do you know your Bible well enough to give a satisfying response?

Does the Bible Have Errors?

Almost all theologians agree Scripture is in some measure God’s revelation to the human race. But to allow that it contains error implies God has mishandled inspiration and has allowed His people to be deceived for centuries until modern scholars disentangled the confusion.

The Bible’s Accuracy and Authority

Ever since the serpent said to Eve, “Indeed, has God said?” the Word of God has been questioned and attacked. The serpent’s words focused on two important elements: the Bible’s accuracy and its authority.

Is the New Testament Reliable?

Can we trust the New Testament as a reliable record of what actually happened, and do we possess what was actually written in the first century?

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