Opening the 10/40 Window


on July 1, 2011
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Gospel meetings and creation conferences are weekly fare in the West. But once you enter the 10/40 window (the Asian and African countries between 10° and 40° north latitude, where evangelism is largely restricted), such meetings are almost nonexistent.

But an upcoming big event may help slip the window open a bit.

Various initiatives have already been underway over the past few years to bring together Christians to better understand the importance of Genesis in presenting the gospel to an evolution-drenched world.

For example, Answers WorldWide (a missionary support arm of Answers in Genesis) has been training a handful of international leaders at each of its annual International Training Seminars. So far, 42 “students” have been trained, including a federal judge and leading pastors and lay ministers.

Many of the participants have returned to their home countries with a renewed vision and excitement for the gospel, but some of these participants don’t always have a central point of communication. In Asia, for example, contact has been difficult—until now.

10/40 Window

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During November 15–17, 2011, creationists from across Asia will convene in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the first-ever All-Asian Creation Conference. Speakers from creation ministries throughout the Far East and from the United States will not only teach biblical apologetics and the scientific evidence for a recent creation, but they’ll also help Asian Christians implement biblical strategies to share the gospel, beginning at the beginning.

Dr. David Crandall, international director of Answers WorldWide, prays for long-term, ongoing benefits. “During our time together, we will have an opportunity to discuss establishing a network of creation-based ministries among Asian Christians and those in other 10/40 countries, which we pray will result in future conferences and related events.” Ultimately, the hope is to empower believers to share the truth boldly in a world saturated with a false history of where life, sin, and death came from.

As Dr. Crandall points out, the All-Asian Creation Conference represents an amazing first step toward an important goal. “We’re totally committed to working with our Asian friends to establish strategic creation ministries all over this part of the world.”

Visit if you are interested in attending or helping others attend. The conference is not limited to Asians!

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