To Russia with . . . Christian Love!


AiG’s message of “creation evangelism”—which is receiving a wonderful response in churches in numerous countries—will be presented in a new way in Russia soon.

Ken Ham’s book “Creation Evangelism,” which presents a “revolutionary” approach to evangelism in our modern-day society, has been translated into Russian by AiG friend Sergei Golovin of Crimea (Ukraine). In this groundbreaking work (actually, the book discusses the methods of evangelism employed by both the Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul that go back 2,000 years), two approaches to evangelism are outlined.

For communist societies—like the former Soviet Union—three generations largely grew up without any Christian foundation whatsoever. Because words like “sin” and “repentance” have lost their biblical meaning in a society which has had intensive evolutionary indoctrination through most of the 20th century, some evangelists have found that the best way to present the gospel in such societies is to start at the Bible’s beginning—at creation. This was the method used by the Apostle Paul, which was recorded in the book of Acts when he spoke to the Greek philosophers on Mars Hill. Peter, on the other hand, had great success with the Jews, but they already had a foundational understanding of Genesis, and understood their sinful nature and the concept of repentance.

Russian society is more like the “Greeks” of Paul’s day, and so a more intensive type of evangelism is required to effectively present the gospel to them. To do this, 1,000 copies of Ken’s Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium have come off the presses in the Russian language to carry out the Great Commission. Mr. Golovin, who heads the Christian Center for Science and Apologetics, has hundreds of Christian leaders and teachers on a mailing list who will receive complimentary copies.

Please pray with us that these influential leaders will thoroughly digest the book and implement its strategies in effective evangelism. An enormous vacuum occurred 10 years ago when the Soviet Union crumbled, leaving millions of people thirsty for spiritual things. Unfortunately, many of them succumbed to the efforts of the cults who provided a reassuring—but false—faith.

Sergei Golovin has seen first-hand the power of “creation evangelism” to change Russian minds and hearts, and we trust that we will be hearing many wonderful reports soon of the effectiveness of the book Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium.


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