Creation Evangelism in the Faroe Islands

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In the Faroe Islands, when you talk to non-Christians, the topic of creation/evolution almost always comes up.

Dear AiG supporter,

I have a wonderful testimony to share with you-of how just one dedicated “ordinary” person is reaching an entire language group with the Creation/Gospel message!

About 45,000 people live in the Faroe Islands, located between Iceland and Norway. These 18 islands belong to Denmark. The language is Faroese.

Meet Eivin Mouritsen of the Faroe Islands: “A couple of years ago I found AiG on the Web. In the Faroe Islands, when you talk to non-Christians, the topic of creation/evolution almost always comes up.”

There are no creation materials written in Faroese. His church, however, produces a Christian newspaper. And once a year, it prints an issue that is distributed to every household in the islands-around 17,000 homes.

Eivin decided to use our Web site to write a special Faroese article for the special issue. He told me: “I’ve decided that I’ll fight for Biblical creation with spirit, soul and body, for this is my calling as a Christian.”

Eivin’s testimony made me more resolved than ever to see the Creation/Gospel message proclaimed worldwide, including through our popular Web site that Eivin discovered and used for ministry.

By the way, is the largest and most dynamic creation site in the world (with around 19,000 actual visitors per day)-one of the most accessed of all Christian Web sites.

Here is a testimony of how God recently used AiG’s Creation/Gospel outreach (shared by a good friend of mine in Louisville, Kentucky):

“I was teaching a creation class at church, and a man came up to me and told me he was heavy into evolution. He was introduced to the AiG ministry and was saved. He told me [that] because of AiG’s books and tapes, he is now a Christian!”

During these summer months when donations typically see a drop, consider a gift this week. With your help, we want to see more “Eivins” equipped by AiG to help turn the tide of secular humanism that is sweeping the world. Several support options are available online.

Ken Ham,
AiG-US president


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