The Word of God

The Canon of Scripture

The word canon is now used to refer to the complete list of the Bible’s God-inspired books. Although the original documents have been lost, we can be sure that the original words have been preserved in the copies we possess today.

The Bible Is the Word of God

Although we have faith that the Bible really is the Word of God, it is not a “blind” faith or a mere assumption. It is something we can know for certain.

Loving the Sure Word of God

We worship the God who inspired the Bible. So the Christian is in love with the Word of God. All God’s people are summoned to love this Word of God more and more, until they meet him whom they have met in its pages throughout their lives.

Faith and the Truth

The Christian faith is both reasonable and justified. The very language of the Hebrew Old Testament reveals that our faith is intrinsically linked to truth. It is founded firstly and primarily upon God’s consistent and reliable Word.

News About The Word of God

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