Dead Sea Scrolls

Can ancient light be shed on modern issues of interpretation? The Qumran scrolls contain the most ancient surviving interpretations of the Genesis Flood. Several first-century BC manuscripts talk about the Flood and confirm our current understanding of a global, catastrophic flood in Noah’s day. The Qumran scrolls confirm that we can trust God’s Word.

Archaeology and the Bible

Archaeologists once boasted that the Bible was full of errors because no independent, historic evidence had been found to confirm the Bible’s claims. But a slew of astounding discoveries has put a damper on their boasting. - Archaeology provides us with fascinating and amazing affirmations of Scripture’s accuracy and trustworthiness.

Intelligence of Ancient Man

From an evolutionary perspective, most people today believe that ancient man originally communicated with grunts, and then over time went from making “primitive” items (e.g., stone tools) to working with bronze and iron. However, the evidence confirms humans have been highly intelligent from the beginning and could quickly gain knowledge to create sophisticated technology.

What About the Dates of Ancient Egypt?

The Bible’s history gives far fewer years before Abraham than the ancient histories of other cultures, such as the king lists of the Sumerians and the Egyptians. However, it seems that priests and writers of these other histories purposely stretched their dates and histories, perhaps to show that their own culture was superior to all others.

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