Did Crabs Evolve from Ocean to Land Again (and Again, and Again, and Again)?

by Ken Ham on November 16, 2023
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“Crabs are unique and continuously evolving animals, often moving their lifestyles out of marine environments for other environments to do so.” Now, I certainly do agree that crabs are unique (God’s creativity is astounding!), but are they continuously evolving? Well, evolutionists are forced to conclude that they must be, because according to a new study, true crabs evolved to leave their marine environment a stunning 7 to 17 times!

Yes, you read that right—7 to 17 times! Mathematically, what are the chances of such evolution (all the adaptations needed for a crab to go from life in the ocean to life on land) occurring? Well, consider that the mathematical probability of creating just a small protein chain (proteins are built of amino acids and are essential for life) would be 1030 or 1 followed by 30 zeros (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)—and that number doesn’t even include the amino acids being arranged in the proper order (nor does it explain where amino acids come from)! Now, imagine you have to build new genetic information . . . 17 times in just one type of creature! It’s impossible.

Crabs didn’t evolve once, let alone 17 times.

Crabs didn’t evolve once, let alone 17 times. The crab kind (or kinds) were created by God and, like the other kinds God made, were given incredible genetic diversity (to enable lots of variation) so they could be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth from the deep sea to the intertidal zone to the land. When we start with God’s Word, we don’t have to try to explain how information (DNA) came from non-information or find a process that can somehow create brand-new functioning information (such a process has never been observed). Rather, we understand that information comes from other information and, ultimately, from the mind of the Creator God.

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