Interbreeding Sharks

Researchers down under were surprised to discover 57 hybrid sharks off Australia’s east coast. These black-tip sharks are crossbreeds of two species and display characteristics of both. These sharks were able to interbreed because they were of the same created kind, not because they were evolving into a new kind of creature.

Evolution of Fish Gills

A team reports in the journal Proceedings B that fish gills may not have evolved to help fish breathe. Yet no aspect of the study explains how gills—or any aspect of fish anatomy—could have evolved given that we have not observed information-adding genetic mutations.

Vegetarian Piranhas’ Teeth Point to Pre-Fall Purpose

Chances are your child’s picture book of “scary animals” features a piranha, and the last thing you expected to hear about was a vegetarian piranha. But scientists have found one, and it is completely herbivorous!

Flying Fish

More than sixty species of fish can escape their watery world and glide through the air. This unusual skill enables them to escape underwater predators and cover vast distances quickly. The design of flying fish may prove useful for future airplanes.

Articles About Fish


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