Throughout the world’s rock layers there are billions of fossils, the remains of organisms that were catastrophically buried largely during the global Flood (2348 BC). Understandably the vast majority of these are marine creatures and they were buried quickly and sequentially by habitat.

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The Making of a Fossil

Do fossils require millions of years to form? Hardly! Even secular geologists now recognize that rocks form very quickly.

Fossils of Dinosaur National Monument

Each visitor to Dinosaur National Monument sees the same evidence—massive amounts of dinosaur (and other) fossils all jumbled together. How one explains the formation of this fossil bed depends on one’s worldview. When viewed from a biblical perspective, the evidence is consistent with what one would expect from a worldwide Flood.

Putting Fossils Back Together

This research reminds us of the caution we should accord to every fossil reconstruction. Especially when it comes to supposed “ape-men” like Lucy, Ardi, and others, we must be aware of the fact that evolutionary ideas may be (consciously or subconsciously) guiding the reconstruction.

Five Fossil Mysteries

We can never answer all the questions. But with practice at “fossil sleuthing” from a biblical perspective, at least we can get better and better at evaluating each new discovery in a God-honoring way that might yield new insights into God’s person and work.

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