What Is Science?

What Is Science?

In its original form science simply meant “knowledge.” When someone says today that they work in the field of science, a different picture often comes to mind. Many people do not realize that science was actually developed in Christian Europe by men who assumed that God created an orderly universe.

Is Answers In Genesis Anti-Science?

Not at all! Answers in Genesis (like other creationist groups) affirms and supports the teaching and use of scientific methodology, and we believe this supports the biblical account of origins.

Two Kinds of Science

To understand what science is, it is helpful to distinguish between operational science and origin science and compare how each one seeks to discover truth. Operational science uses observable, repeatable experiments to try to discover truth. Origin science relies on relics from the past and historical records to try to discover truth.

The Bible Is Our Starting Point for Science

It is because God exists that science is possible. Think about it: the reason the universe is orderly and logical is because a logical God has imposed order on His creation. It’s because God created our minds that we are able to discover the laws of science that He created.

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