Fossil Record

The Most Horrific Graveyard in the World

Secularists believe that most of the fossil record, which spreads over the majority of the earth’s surface, was laid down over hundreds of millions of years—long before man appeared on the earth. The Bible clearly shows that thorns, disease, and carnivory originated after Adam’s sin.

The Order of the Fossil Record

The fossil record is still believed to be “exhibit A” for evolution. Most geologists insist the sedimentary rock layers were deposited gradually over vast eons of time. In reality, it can only be dogmatically asserted that the fossil record is the record of the order in which animals and plants were buried and fossilized.

Fossils of Sea Creatures Above Sea Level

It is beyond dispute among geologists that on every continent we find fossils of sea creatures in rock layers which today are high above sea level. There is only one possible explanation for this phenomenon—the ocean waters at some time in the past flooded over the continents.

Fossil Record Doesn’t Agree with Darwinian Evolution

Most evolutionists now recognize the fossil record as primarily a record of catastrophes, both local and global—quite similar to creationists’ views chalking most of the fossil record up to the work of the global Flood.

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