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Five Global Warning Claims—Are They True?

Are we causing global warming?. Will many animals and plants go extinct? Global warming has been blamed for increased hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, and extreme temperatures. While many people support laws to reduce CO2 emissions, believing that this will appreciably slow the progress of global warming, we must consider whether the science supports this claim.

Climate Change Disagreements

The debate over climate change is far from a settled issue even among secular scientists. There is a lot of controversy, not over climate change itself, as everyone agrees climate changes, but over the cause of such changes, specifically whether man has contributed significantly to such changes.

The Ice Age

Simulations confirm that warm oceans after the Genesis Flood caused intense evaporation and snow and ice storms during a single Ice Age of short duration. If we use God’s Word as our starting point, we do not need to rely on unknown mechanisms that require hundreds of thousands of years. The Bible gives us the big picture that helps make sense of our world.

Earth Day Challenge

A proper and balanced perspective on caring for the Earth and its inhabitants comes not from merely promoting “environmental awareness” but is only found within the biblical framework, i.e. recognizing humans were created by a loving God and given the responsibility to rule over, subdue, and care for the rest of the Creation, once “very good,” but now suffering from the curse of sin.

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