Transitional Fossils
Tiktaalik photo by Eduard Solà, via Wikimedia Commons

Transitional Fossils

Is the Transition from Dinosaurs to Birds Recorded in the Fossil Record?

Larsson and Dececchi set out to determine from the fossil record when and how dinosaur forelimbs evolved into wings. They found that there really is no such trend. Birds appear complete and without evolutionary transitions in the fossil record.

Tiktaalik a Transitional Form?

Despite substantial differences between the fossilized fish Tiktaalik and terrestrial tetrapods, many evolutionists insist the fish was a transitional form. However, the fleshy fins of Tiktaalik do not attach to the bony pelvis and so could not support weight for walking. Furthermore, the bones in the fins of these fossil fish do not resemble digits.

Ape to Man Transition in Australopithecus sediba?

Berger put forth his hopes that Australopithecus sediba would prove to be the elusive transition between the apes and humans. Many evolutionary paleontologists were not convinced. Paleoanthropologist Tim White pointed out that the “transitional” characteristics to Homo may have been nothing more than a juvenile ape.

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