Biology Supports Creation

Biology makes little sense without the Bible. Why do we observe animals varying within their respective kinds and not changing into other kinds? Why do we observe life giving rise to life, not life from non-life, which molecules-to-man evolution requires?

More to Learn in Biology

Some people get frustrated when they realize that the “facts” taught in biology class today might turn out to not be true tomorrow. But it really reminds us of how much we have left to learn.

Common Design

Why should a person’s arm have the same kind of bone pattern as the leg of a dog and the wing of a bat? There are two basic ideas, descent from a common ancestor or creation according to a common plan.

Learning from Microbiology

What if we could design a super-small, versatile machine that could travel up blood vessels to deliver targeted medical aid? The fast-moving, single-celled organism, Giardia lamblia, has a unique combination of paired “whips” (flagella) that give it incredible maneuverability. Could miniaturized motorized vehicles be built to imitate this amazing design?

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