Types of Fossils

Cambrian Explosion in the Burgess Shale

The problem for evolutionists is how could all of these fossils, so many unique species, many in unique phyla with unique body plans, have so suddenly in a veritable geologic instant have evolved. This has been called the “Cambrian explosion,”

Messel Pit Controversy

The Messel Pit is a fossil graveyard in which a wide variety of animals and plants are exquisitely preserved. Evolutionists believe the fossils in the Messel Pit reveal the secrets of mammalian evolutionary success. We do owe a lot of our knowledge of these species to the Messel Pit, but the fossils do not track the evolution of mammals.

Saber-Toothed Squirrel Discovered Among Dinosaurs

Many evolutionists think the existence of small mammals in the same strata as dinosaurs proves mammals were early in their evolutionary history. Why would a primitive mammal necessarily be small? Actually, larger mammals are found in those “old” layers too.

Fossilized Pregnant Sea Monster

The fossil record does not reveal whales or plesiosaurs evolving from land-based ancestors. God created the swimming creatures each fully equipped to swim and to reproduce after its kind. Based on this pregnant plesiosaur, we now can say that at least some plesiosaurs bore live young.

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