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Creation: Facts of Life

Creation: Facts of Life

Dr. Parker, a leading creation scientist and former AiG speaker, presents the classic arguments for evolution used in public schools, universities, and the media, and refutes them in an entertaining and easy-to-read style. A must for students and teachers alike! This is a great book to give to a non-Christian as a witnessing tool.

From Evolutionist to Creationist

Dr. Gary Parker earned his doctorate in biology, with a cognate in geology (paleontology). He has earned several academic awards, including election to the national university scholastic honorary society Phi Beta Kappa, and a Science Faculty Fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Parker began his scientific career teaching evolution "enthusiastically" at a respected university. He believed he was ridding his students of “pre-scientific superstitions, such as Christianity.” Then he and his wife attended a Bible Study led by a chemistry professor at the university. He soon found that the errors he tried to point out were his errors.

He spent the next three years re-examining the evidence before giving up his “deep-seated belief in evolution and concluded, like thousands of other scientists in recent times, that the Biblical framework is the more-logical inference from our scientific observations.”

Dr. Parker discusses in an easy-to-understand manner DNA, embryo development, fossils, “early man,” symbiosis, genetics, and many other topics: critical issues in the creation/evolution debate.



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