Radical Evangelism

Because so many Christians (including many Christian leaders) have disregarded Genesis, even many church people do not truly understand the gospel. For today’s world, we need a radical approach to evangelism. That radical approach is to present the gospel the way God Himself does for us in His Word—starting in Genesis!

Reaching the Twenty-Somethings

Most of today’s unchurched people in their twenties want more than the same old programs and insufficient answers. They enjoy deep conversation and wrestling with ideas. They also want meaningful relationships. So as Christians, we need to understand this generation and invest in them, if we want to reach them.

Reaching Youth with the Gospel

Consider these seven tips for reaching young people with the gospel.

Adapting Our Evangelistic Approach

We need to be aware of where people are at today, and like the Apostle Paul at Mars Hill, be prepared to adapt our approach, and be ‘always ready to give an answer’ (1 Peter 3:15). It’s exciting to know there are so many answers available today to the lie of evolution.

Evangelism Using Social Media

Acrimonious sparring on Facebook or tweets on Twitter do one any good. If the person mocks your response or tries to bait you through emotional words, respectfully decline or don’t answer at all.

Articles About Evangelism


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