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on June 4, 2009; last featured November 6, 2011
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Nothing brightens a soldier’s day quite like receiving mail. Care packages full of treats, toiletries, and trinkets from back home are welcome reminders that someone cares. And helping them with faithbuilding books and DVDs will make an even bigger impact—perhaps for eternity.

According to U.S. Marine Corps chaplain Robert Carpenter, soldiers are hungry for truth about God. They want to know if the Bible is true. Robert points out to military men and women that many of life’s biggest questions, including death and suffering, are answered in the book of Genesis.

You don’t have to be a chaplain to share biblical truths with soldiers. Here are some ways that you can reach out:

  • Put together a care package with snacks, toiletries, and crossword puzzles. Be sure to include creation resources. If you don’t know any soldiers personally, ask your church or co-workers for referrals. For helpful ideas you may want to visit websites like or for helpful ideas.
  • Give believers resources that will help them reach out to non-Christians. Although some people will not show up for a traditional Bible study, they are often interested in DVD presentations or booklets on controversial or unusual topics, such as dinosaurs in the Bible or the origin of life.
  • Let chaplains know about Military Chaplain Packs, which are available from Answers in Genesis. These include books, booklets, and DVDs on a variety of interesting topics.

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