Turn Summer Fun Into Evangelism


Looking for new ways to reach others with truths about God and His creation? Perhaps you have heard some of these ideas but never tried them. Why not this summer?

  • If heading to amusement parks where you are likely to stand in long lines, try wearing a T-shirt or hat with a creation message. Colorful shirts with dinosaurs make a good conversation starter. Be sure to carry tracts and booklets, such as the popular witnessing pamphlet What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
  • Set up a booth and show or give away creation resources at a county fair or state fair.
  • Host a backyard Bible club for neighborhood children and use a creation theme such as the Seven C’s of History in the Amazon Expedition children’s program.
  • Include a tract or booklet with your personal bill payments or other mail.
  • As part of a baby shower gift, include creation books for children.
  • Encourage your local library to carry creation resources. If they decline, leave samples or back issues of Answers magazine in the free literature area, which is found in most libraries.
  • Donate copies of creation resources to waiting rooms, such as a doctor’s office, car repair shop, or beauty salon. Nursing homes also appreciate donated material, including DVDs. (Answers magazine makes a good gift, too, though we may be biased.)

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