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Interest in both the biblical and scientific aspects of creation is exploding in the Spanish-speaking world, and an ever-growing wealth of resources is now available to meet those needs. Gospel tracts and booklets like Doesn’t Carbon Dating Disprove the Bible? are now available in Spanish. So are creationist classics like The Lie: Evolution, The New Answers Book (1 & 2), and several DVDs. Children have help too—The Answers Book for Kids volumes 1 and 2 and All God’s Children.

These aren’t just word-for-word translations. Some sections needed careful revision to meet the unique circumstances of Hispanic readers. One recent release, Una Sola Raza, Una Sola Sangre (One Race, One Blood), confronts the racial issues specific to Central and South America. Racism is a problem everywhere, and it is best confronted with the biblical truth that all humans are of one blood. Since we are all descended from Adam and Eve through Noah, we are all members of one race—the human race.

Such biblically based thinking sheds light on these complex concerns of Hispanic people.

New chapters were inserted because racial challenges and historical injustices are different in Central and South America compared to North America and Australia. Throughout Latin America the caste system of historical Spain still oppresses the culture. Many people of European descent look down on the indigenous people, and racism divides the Indians, Mestizos (of Indian-Spanish descent), Africans, and Spaniards.

Marxist politicians have twisted history regarding European abuse to blame Christianity as the oppressive “white man’s religion.” As a result, indigenous religions like animism are spreading, as people look back to the old ways, prior to the arrival of Europeans.

The Spanish One Race, One Blood refers readers to the Tower of Babel to show that the Bible doesn’t promote racism. It shows that we are all from the same family, even though indigenous Americans were separated from Europeans for thousands of years. Such biblically based thinking sheds light on these complex concerns of Hispanic people.

The number of Spanish resources continues to grow. If you are a Spanish speaker or you are involved in Hispanic ministry or have Spanish-speaking friends, we encourage you to order these materials. The time is ripe for reaching the Spanish-speaking world with Christ-centered apologetics resources.

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