Street Evangelism: Bursting the Bubble



Any Christian can get caught in the “bubble.” You start by spending much of your time with Christian friends because of your similar interests. You worship with other Christians on Sundays and perhaps during the week in a Bible study or small group. Before you know it, you have very little contact with unbelievers. While friendships with other Christians are invaluable, the Great Commission means finding opportunities to share the gospel—outside the bubble.

You can find new opportunities to share your faith—if you intentionally look for them.

But being in the bubble doesn’t mean you’re trapped. You can find new opportunities to share your faith—if you’re intentional about looking for them. For example, you can “hit the streets” with God’s good news. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be.

Street evangelism is a time-tested method. Paul often evangelized in public places as he traveled throughout Asia and Europe. But he wasn’t unique in having this ability. You can do the same:

  • Attend training through organizations like Living Waters or Evangelism Explosion.
  • Use tracts, booklets, and other resources that can help you engage people in conversation.
  • Go with at least one other person for safety and support. Remember that Jesus sent the disciples out in pairs.
  • Pray for boldness to share the hope of Christ (Colossians 4:2–6).
  • Expect rejection (Matthew 10:14). Not everyone will want to talk about Jesus. Just keep praying and speaking the truth in love. (We’re called to get the gospel from our lips to their ears. It’s up to God to get it from their minds to their hearts!)
  • Frequent a local park or other gathering place where people hang out. You may also want to look for festivals and events in your area. Approach people who are sitting on benches, not those rushing past or out for a run.
  • Prepare answers for the common objections people have about Christianity (such as the age of the earth, evolution, the reliability of the Bible, and the reason for suffering). If you receive a question you can’t answer, see if you can get the person’s email address or social media account name. Show your love for them by finding the answer.

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