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Many celebrities, sports teams, and TV shows garner millions of Facebook fans who “like” their pages but then don’t return. After all, with around 700 million people on Facebook and millions of pages to choose from, the competition is fierce.

One page, however, has not only exploded in two years to over seven million “likes” but has also claimed the title as the most engaging page on Facebook—in any category. What’s got people talking? Jesus Daily (

Dr. Aaron Tabor, a medical doctor and biblical creationist, started the page as a way to share the gospel, focusing mainly on the teachings of Jesus. “For me, the excitement comes from a personal relationship with Christ. People are hungry for a relationship with God, particularly during these rough economic times.”

With what seemed like a bold dream to attract one million members, even Dr. Tabor was surprised by the amazing amount of interest. His page works because the real goal was never numbers but to share the good news in a way that touches people virally.

“We focus on bringing in seekers through the viral nature of Facebook by asking Jesus Daily members to like, share, and comment on the content we post. This spreads the message to their friend’s list and spreads further from there.”

Affirming the truth of Scripture in such a public forum hasn’t come without its share of criticism, especially from militant atheists who have attacked the page’s Bible-affirming and young-earth creation posts. But Dr. Tabor’s training and research only strengthen his resolve to trust God’s Word—despite the attacks.

“Modern medical science firmly supports the exact account given to us in the Bible. If we can believe the ancient history recorded by eyewitnesses in the Old Testament, we can also believe the eyewitness accounts of Jesus Christ’s life and sacrifice in the New Testament.”

The critics don’t deny that Jesus Daily has been sharing the gospel in a timely way. Dr. Tabor, in fact, sees the page as a “light” in the world of social media. “The salvations we are documenting through Jesus Daily prove that social media can be an effective witnessing tool. I openly encourage Jesus Daily members to be bold about sharing their faith.”

To extend the outreach, a free Jesus Daily app for iPhone was released recently. And an Android version of the Jesus Daily app should be available for free by the time this issue of Answers goes to print.

With so much “noise,” Facebook could be a place where the gospel gets lost in a sea of updates. But Jesus Daily proves that patient Christians can have an impact—a significant impact—one post at a time.

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October – December 2011

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