Making the Most of Your Hobbies


on July 1, 2011
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People like to gather around common interests, frequently joining civic clubs, community groups, or classes to enjoy each other’s company. Whether fly-fishing, gardening, or showing classic cars, gathering to share common interests offers a great opportunity to share another interest that you want to have in common—the gospel of Christ.

The relationships you develop at clubs often lead to opportunities to discuss eternal things. Yet steering the conversation to eternal things requires that you be “intentional.” Just as Jesus used common tasks and objects from farming to illustrate eternal truths, you can do the same with your area of interest.

For example, as you learn better techniques for pruning a rose bush, it’s natural to discuss the source of all the world’s beauty and variety. You could also use the presence of thorns and weeds to point back to the Fall and the Bible’s historical account about the origin of such bad things.

When learning how to tie flies that match each stage of a mayfly’s development, why not discuss the amazingly complex lifecycle? Ask, “Do you believe the cycle of these amazing creatures came about by chance?”

God gave you your interests for a reason. Sure, it was to love and glorify Him in new and exciting ways. But it is also a way to connect you with others who need to hear the truth. Make the most of your hobbies—to share the good news of the Bible!

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