Evolution in Schools

Only One Worldview

The scientists’ worldview clearly influences their interpretation of the data. The point that should concern Christian parents and teachers is that only one worldview—a secular evolutionary worldview—is taught as if it were established fact.

Fail a Student If He Is a Creationist

An Iowa professor said any professor (lecturer) should have the right to ‘fail any student in his class, no matter what the grade record indicates’ if that professor discovers the student is a creationist.

Morality Battleground

Christian parents of students in public schools face a tremendous challenge in countering the humanistic indoctrination in the public school system—not only correcting the ideas surrounding evolution, but also the idea that there is no truth and that morality changes by circumstance.

Keep Science and God Separate

Like so many other world leaders in politics and the media, the new president [Obama] believes that science and education hold the key to a better life. Views about God may be important for individuals, but keep Him out of the science classroom and politics.

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