Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution Proven?

There is no demonstrable evidence for the big bang, and chemical evolution has failed to create living systems in the laboratory. In spite of billions of fossils being found, there are no unquestionable fossils that show a transition between any of the major life-forms.

The Basic Assumptions of Evolution

There are assumptions built into the fundamental principles of the doctrine of evolution but, unfortunately, they very seldom if ever appear explicitly in evolutionary writings.

Evolution and Science

Some evolutionists have argued that science isn’t possible without evolution. They teach that science and technology actually require the principles of molecules-to-man evolution in order to work. Actually, evolution is anti-science and anti-knowledge.

The National Center for Science Education

The NCSE praises Bill Nye’s stand on the necessity of accepting evolution in order to make technological and economic progress and even to be scientifically literate. However, evolutionary dogma does not contribute to the “here-and-now” science used to probe the secrets of the present and to develop new technologies.

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