Academic Freedom Not OK in the UK



The U.K.’s Department of Education has dealt a blow to the academic freedom of free schools—independent institutions partly funded by the government.*

The department is withdrawing funding from certain free schools called “faith schools” that teach biblical creation or intelligent design.

Once again, evolution activists have succeeded in muffling challenges to their worldview. Just as disturbing, these activists are preventing students from exercising their critical thinking skills to differentiate between observations and hypotheses so that they can judge for themselves which model of origins is more reasonable.

Ultimately, those who struggle to keep God out of the picture are resisting the spread of the message about our glorious Creator who became our Savior—and that’s the most disturbing thing of all.

* Jamie Doward, “Richard Dawkins Celebrates a Victory over Creationists: Free Schools That Teach ‘Intelligent Design’ as Science Will Lose Funding.” The Observer January 14, 2012: MS09

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