“Stupid” If You Don’t Believe in Evolution!


Every day, AiG receives many wonderful, positive comments about this website. We are most encouraged when we learn that our site has been useful in presenting the creation/gospel message. It’s even more encouraging when the comment comes from a student who faces evolutionary indoctrination in the classroom, but does not feel intimidated to (respectfully) share his or her contrary view of Earth history with teacher and classmates. We were, therefore, especially blessed to receive this recent email…

Dear AiG:

I am a sophomore in high school. Along with that comes a biology class, and with that evolution.

My teacher, at the very beginning of the year, made herself known that she was a great evolutionist. In her own words, “anyone that doesn’t believe in evolution is STUPID because the evidence is there.” Of course, I don’t believe in evolution, but waited until the correct time to say anything.

In the months to follow, when we finally started to get evolution more in depth, I began searching. I looked on the Internet for information. We started the evolution segment with a movie on [man’s supposed ape-like ancestor] “Lucy.” I had just found the Answers in Genesis Web site and [discovered] why “Lucy” wasn’t real [as man’s “missing link”]. So I gave the AiG article to my teacher to read.

The next day, my teacher told me that the article was irrelevant, because there were over ten “Lucys” that were found. I smiled.

Later in class, I brought up [the volcano of] Mount St. Helen’s, whose eruption in 1980 showed that geologic features could be created in a matter of hours or days, not millions of years. My teacher said that it all depends on who went there, and that it was probably some kind of religious college!

There was an oral report that we would be doing. The topic I chose was Evolution versus Creation. My plan was to give the evolution side, and then completely disprove it with the creation side. It all worked out great. I got much of my information from the Answers in Genesis Web site.

I gave my report, and my teacher, of course, afterward said a few words on how wrong I was. She said she could prove me wrong. My grade [went] from an A to a B-.

My teacher did not convince me of evolution, only that the evolutionists really don’t have it all together, and they need to stay in control only to look like they know what they are talking about.

I would like to thank Ken Ham and the people at Answers in Genesis because without that Web site, I would not have been able to a witness to my friends to show them the true way. I believe that many of my friends have looked twice at the evidence now, and even possibly my teacher. Thank you very much!

– G.W.

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