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Answers Magazine, Single Issue - Vol. 8 No. 1

Building A Biblical Worldview

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  • Format: Magazine
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  • Length: 95 pages
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2013
  • SKU: 00-A-081
  • ISBN:
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In the January–March 2013 issue of Answers magazine you’ll read tons of great creation-affirming articles, plus a special section about the “Battle for Kids’ Minds ... and Hearts.”

What’s Included $8 value

  • Same Rock Layers, Two Different Views

    We live in the same world and examine the same facts, but we have different views about the past. Why? The difference is not the facts, but our starting points: God's Word or autonomous human reasoning. This exclusive wall chart from Answers magazine Vol. 8 No. 1 is part of a six-part poster series showing how our starting points affect our conclusions abut the past.

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Battle for Kids’ Minds ... and Hearts

This generation of church kids is only one step away from leaving the faith, but there’s still time to turn the tide both at church and at home!

Some of the topics in this issue:

  • How many kinds of animals were on the Ark?
  • Did it rain before the Flood?
  • The amazing importance of the tiny pituitary gland
  • What’s good about parasites?
  • Water's life-saving secrets
  • Who was Josephus, and was he reliable?
  • Snails can be incredibly tough!
  • Do some animals have sixth senses?
  • What did Lucy really look like?
  • Semi-technical—Ancient "Fossil Reefs"—Formed in the Flood?
  • How to win the battle for kids’ minds

Here are a few more specifics. Every Answers issue is really like two magazines in one, because it also contains Kids Answers, an 8-page “mini-magazine” designed especially for children. Kids Answers is stapled in the center of the magazine and easily lifts out. This issue brings the whole sweep of biblical history to life for kids—as "the Seven C's of History."

They will learn:

  • Where everything came from and what went wrong
  • The great catastrophe and confusion caused by sin
  • God's plan to take away our sin
  • How we can be free from the sin and live with God forever
  • POSTER: The Seven C's of History—Earth's true history from the perfect History Book.

And as if all that were not enough, a web code printed inside each issue unlocks exclusive subscriber-only bonus content online, such as video clips and audio versions of many articles. These are great to listen to on your computer or to download to MP3 and listen to in your car or as you exercise. Friend, there is no other creation-based magazine in the world that offers so much. And according to our subscribers, Answers. . . just keeps getting better!”

Detachable Wall Chart included in this issue: Same Rocks, Two Different Views

Our purpose is simple—to keep equipping you and your loved ones with practical answers so you can grow in your understanding of the Bible and the world. Don’t miss out on this multiple-award-winning tool to sharpen your faith.

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