Big Bang


The Big Bang is a naturalistic story about the origin and development of the universe (e.g. a cosmology), beginning with a “singularity” when all mass, energy, and space was contained in a small point. It is riddled with problems and, most importantly, contradicts the biblical teaching of creation.

Big Bang

The “big bang” is a story about how the universe came into existence. It proposes that billions of years ago the universe began in a tiny, infinitely hot and dense point called a singularity. This story of origins is entirely fiction.

Big Bang from God?

Some professing Christians accept the claim that God used naturalistic processes, including the big bang, to create the universe. They might agree with atheistic astronomers that the stars and planets formed over billions of years—with only one exception, that God’s hand directed these processes. Unfortunately, such views deny what the Creator Himself has said.

Big Bang Problems

Astronomers looking at galaxies far, far away have found five that don’t quite fit big-bang ideas. However, big bang advocates, rather than admitting an explanatory flaw in their model, simply claim that there’s “a lot new to learn”—effectively putting their faith in the big bang model, despite its inadequacies.

Big Bang a Fact?

Scientists who accept young-earth creation have proposed and explored several cosmological models that are compatible with known laws of physics and astronomical data while upholding a recent creation.

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