The UK’s New State Religion

on October 1, 2014
Featured in Answers Magazine

Bible-believing Christians in the United Kingdom are lamenting the loss of more religious liberties. The government has slapped more restrictions on the teaching of origins in schools, including many Christian schools.1 Teaching the creation model had already been outlawed in government-funded schools, but groups like the British Humanist Association were not satisfied and sought greater restrictions.

The new regulation, issued by the nation’s department of education, declares that if a church-run school uses public funds, the school must prohibit teachers from exposing students to the scientific problems with the evolution model. Further, if the topic of creation comes up in these religiously affiliated schools, teachers may not discuss creation (or intelligent design) unless they also tell the students that the idea is scientifically unsupportable.

Move over Church of England, there’s a new religion in town. Evolutionism is the de facto state religion of the UK.

While in the USA some states grant teachers the academic freedom to talk to students about the problems with evolution, many educators seek to impose similar secular humanism in all science classes in the United States. If the movement succeeds, America’s de facto state religion will be even more entrenched.2

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  1. United Press International News, June 18, 2014, “Teaching Creationism as Scientifically Valid Now Banned in All UK Schools.”
  2. Most biblical creationists argue that it would not be wise to mandate that creation or intelligent design be taught in government schools. At the same time, they point out that in the United States, the law should protect the academic freedom of teachers and pupils to discuss problems with evolution.


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