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In 2000, the Human Genome Project announced to the world that all humans biologically belong to one race. Although the people heading this project did not acknowledge it, they confirmed the Bible—that all people are descendants of Adam and Eve and all belong to one biological race.


Despite substantial differences between the fossilized fish Tiktaalik and terrestrial tetrapods, many evolutionists insist the fish was a transitional form. Many evolutionists maintain its fins were antecedents to legs. However, the fleshy fins of Tiktaalik do not attach to the bony pelvis and so could not support weight for walking.


Evolutionists have pointed to fossils of the iconic Archaeopteryx as the earliest example of birds evolving from reptiles. It was the quintessential “missing link,” though creationists countered that it was just a bird, similar to those flapping around today. A new find is forcing evolutionists to sideline Archaeopteryx and change their story.


The facts seem solidly behind the idea that Ardi was a quadrupedal ape with relatively little in common with human. As far as we’re concerned, the evolutionary “threat” to creationists from Ardi is no more than that posed by Ida: viz., none.

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