New Center at Harvard to Promote Evolution!


America’s best-known evolutionist, Stephen Jay Gould, is one of several scientists involved in establishing a new center—based at both Harvard University in Massachusetts and McGill University in Montreal, Quebec—called the “Evolution Education Research Centre.”

The Centre is headed by Dr. Brian Alters. His realization that led to its founding, is that a large number of Americans and Canadians doubt the theory of evolution. For example, a Gallup poll last year found that 47% of Americans believe that God created human beings, and that this happened in the last 10,000 years (which essentially is the biblical model of origins).

Dr. Gould, quoted by the Associated Press on July 3, declared: “I think all that shows is that most Americans are woefully badly educated in science, which is our fault, not theirs.” Dr. Gould is a Harvard paleontologist, and one of the world’s most vocal opponents of creation science.

Last November, by the way, Ken Ham of AiG and Dr. Russell Humphreys (a creationist and physicist at the Sandia Laboratories in New Mexico) spoke on campus—at Harvard’s invitation—and debated two McGill evolutionists flown in for the event.

The founding of this Center is yet further evidence that evolutionists are becoming more aggressive in promoting evolution as fact to the public. According to the Associated Press article, the Centre will be conducting seminars and making presentations at teachers conventions. Their main target is science educators, teaching at the university level, who will train future teachers (most of them high school instructors).

Dr. Alters said to the AP: “We need to craft lessons, activities, and curricula to specifically address why people don’t understand evolution.”

AiG counters with the observation that after many years of heavy evolutionary indoctrination in public schools in Canada and the United States, almost one-half of their citizens find the so-called evidence for evolution quite unconvincing and prefer a view similar to the Genesis account of origins. Most already understand evolutionary arguments, but can see right through them.


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