Natural Selection

Natural Selection Is Not Evolution!

The supposed vehicles of evolution are mutations, natural selection, and other mechanisms that—when combined with that pixie dust of time—allegedly led to the development of all life forms present today. However, natural selection merely redistributes or reduces preexisting genetic information, and mutations often corrupt the information.

Natural Selection and Creationists

The creationist view of natural selection is supported biblically and scientifically. Natural selection is a God-ordained process that allows organisms to survive. It is an observable reality that occurs in the present and takes advantage of the variations within the kinds and works to preserve the genetic viability of the kinds.

Natural Selection and New Information

Natural selection cannot generate brand new genetic information. It simply doesn’t work that way. Instead, it filters information that already exists. The general theory of evolution is the idea that single-celled organisms gained new genetic information over millions and billions of years, and eventually arrived at “higher life-forms” such as man.

Adaptation in Plants

If living things such as plants have been observed to adapt to their environment—isn’t that evolution? Adaptation of plants does not prove evolution.

Does Natural Selection Prove Evolution?

Distinguishing natural selection from Darwinian evolution (the latter combines natural selection with the idea that all life has an ancestor in common) is one of the primary challenges modern creationists face in the origins debate. Experimental confirmation of natural selection is interpreted as proof of Darwin’s theory.

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