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Sliding Down the Polls

on ; last featured October 17, 2006

Gallup polls dating back to 1982 have consistently shown that at least 44% of Americans agree to the statement: “God created humans pretty much in their present form either exactly as the Bible describes it or within the last 10,000 years.”

A Zogby poll released earlier this year had a somewhat different, but related, question, and it revealed that 69% of people believe biology teachers should teach Darwin’s theory of evolution along with the scientific evidence against it. Just 21% felt only scientific evidence supporting evolution should be taught.1

Zogby also discovered that almost 89% of those who were in high school within the past ten or eleven years (ages 18–29) believe that science teachers should present evidence for and against evolution.2

Evolutionary activists are alarmed that the numbers remain so high, especially given the increasing, intensive evolution indoctrination seen in schools and the media.

The grassroots approach by creationist organizations to distribute materials throughout the country appears to be an effective counter-effort against these activists, especially in groups under the age of 29—those who have received the most indoctrination of recent generations.

Expect evolutionists, therefore, to use their science museums, magazines and classrooms to promote the evolution worldview with increasing fervor.

Answers Magazine

July – September 2006


  1. In a September 2005 Gallup poll, with wording that was slightly different, 53% of Americans agreed with the statement that “God created man exactly how the Bible describes it.”


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