Labeling the Hominids

It seems these days that there are precious few ordinary human or ape fossils unearthed, rather they all have to be a missing link between the two. One should be wary of claims that this or that skeletal feature “proves the creature walked upright”, as usually some other evolutionist fossil “expert” will debunk or dispute the claim.

Homo erectus and Other Hominids

Human fossils of people who dispersed from Babel are found in various layers of Pleistocene rocks. Biblically we understand that a variety of people dispersed from Babel, and these human fossils track their scattering around the globe. The oldest and deepest of these human fossils—Homo erectus—were just as human as we are.

Variety Among Hominid Fossils

The existence of human variations in fossils is not evidence that humans evolved through an evolutionary sequence. A better question would involve an exploration of the diversity among humans descended from Noah’s family after the tower of Babel.

Articles About Hominids


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