The Mother Lode of Ancestral Moms

on October 1, 2006; last featured July 30, 2007
Featured in Answers Magazine

Don’t be surprised if you frequently see comments or headlines that declare, “Fossils unearth proof of human evolution.”1 Could it be that many evolutionists are scrambling to counter the increasing influence of the creation and intelligent design movements in today’s culture?

The East African country of Ethiopia seems to yield a constant supply of humankind’s alleged ancestral mothers and fathers, one example being last spring’s Asa Issie fossils.2 The bones of this supposed prehuman allegedly fill a missing link between two stages of humankind’s evolution from its apelike ancestor. Words like proof and unambiguous evidence of human evolution peppered news accounts about these fossils.

Because this particular area of the study of human evolution is controversial even among evolutionists, we expect that there will be opposing opinions within the evolutionist community about Asa Issie.

For more information on Asa Issie see Fact versus fiction: the recent Ethiopian fossils.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2006


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