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on ; last featured November 20, 2006

Whenever you come across a media report about newly uncovered evidence of man’s supposed ancestors, carefully note the wording. While headlines often trumpet “Scientists find skull of human ancestor,”1 you need to read on.


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Such was the case when the skull of a supposed missing link between Homo erectus and modern man was uncovered in Ethiopia earlier this year. When you move past a confident headline, you usually read some very unconfident words like “many believe,” “is thought to have” and “might prove.”

Unfortunately, it is the headline that is most remembered. More people will now believe that a missing link has been found ... and will disbelieve that man was created specially by God (and that His Word in Genesis is reliable).

Answers Magazine

July – September 2006


  1. Actual headline from an ABC News article at (based on an Associated Press story).


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