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According to evolutionary anthropology, “modern” humans have been slowly evolving over tens of thousands of years, and before that, earlier forms of humans (and, farther back, an ape-like ancestor) prowled the land. According to biblical anthropology, humans were created on the sixth day of creation -fully “modern!”-and have undergone only downhill “evolution” ever since. Furthermore, biblical anthropology teaches that alleged “ancient” humans, such as Neandertals, were actually modern, too-see The caring Neandertal for a full explanation.

Now, a skull discovered in Romania is causing some head-scratching among evolutionists because it includes “traits normally associated with more ancient species” even though it is “undeniably a Homo sapiens specimen.” The article explains:

In addition to its large face and retreating forehead, the specimen has the largest cheek teeth so far known for an otherwise anatomically modern human[.]

How do evolutionists explain these supposedly ancient features in a supposedly modern skull?

How do evolutionists explain these supposedly ancient features in a supposedly modern skull? “Dr[.] Helene Rougier, from Washington University in St[.] Louis, USA, and colleagues say the fossil suggests the first modern humans to enter Europe continued to evolve after they had settled.” Furthermore, the scientists speculate that these mixed features may be the result of interbreeding between Neandertals and other humans, or that these are simply ancient traits “reappearing” on a modern human skull. One thing is clear, however: evolutionary anthropology is beginning to recognize a continuum of human fossils rather than distinct groups-just like biblical anthropology, which recognizes the continuum of humans descended from Adam.

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