Kenyan Controversy

Turkana boy skeleton

The fossil “Turkana boy” appears to be the remains of a real person.

Some well-intentioned but misguided Christians in Kenya have raised opposition to a new evolution display in their country’s National Museum. Of particular interest is the “Turkana Boy,” an amazingly preserved fossil of a “prehistoric” hominid.

Of course, if any fossil is shown to be false or highly misleading in its interpretation as it is presented in a museum, citizens have every right to raise objections. But in this instance, “Turkana Boy” appears to be a real person; so concerned Christians, like those in Kenya, should not overstate their objections and say it is not human.

Although it may never happen, our hope is that an alternative view of the fossils would be presented to secular museum visitors: the biblical explanation of origins and man’s special creation.

Answers Magazine

July – September 2007


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