The Power in a Lot of Water

Recent events have given scientists of an appreciation for the geologic power of “a lot of water in a little time”—which contrasts with the commonly accepted model of “a little water in a lot of time,” used to explain such formations as Grand Canyon.

Mass Extinction in the Fossil Record

Mass extinctions are apparent in the fossil record wherever some sort of organism virtually disappears from the geologic column above a certain layer. One of the most well-known mass extinctions is the disappearance of the dinosaurs and a number of other organisms at the K-T boundary.

What Made Britain an Island?

Scientists are pointing to a catastrophe to explain an event that changed not only the geological landscape, but the landscape of history as well: what made Britain an island nation.

Post-Flood Upheaval

Early post-Flood catastrophes had the power to cause enormous geologic change, including massive erosion, altered landscapes, and deposits of sediment layers thousands of feet thick.

Articles About Catastrophism


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