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Recent research suggests that Great Britain was formed as the result of a megaflood.

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One geological feature often used as prime evidence of gradual, millions-of-years formation is the Grand Canyon. In fact, some evolutionists are ready with lawyers should anyone even suggest a different view. They recognize that if the icons for eons of time are stripped away, then they can no longer spin whimsical yarns about supposedly ancient fossils.

For years, creationist researchers have been documenting the amazing power of “a lot of water over a little time” to carve out some astounding topology (see, for example, “A Canyon in Six Days!,” “3.9 The Grand Canyon,” and “Mount St. Helens—Evidence for Genesis!”). It is interesting to note how such claims, when made by creationists, are often ridiculed in the secular world; when the same types of claims come from evolutionists, on the other hand, the story is quickly trumpeted around the internet.

For instance, a recent report from BBC News (citing a paper in the journal Nature) claims that “deep scars on the [English] Channel bed . . . must have been cut by a sudden massive discharge of water.”1 This catastrophic “megaflood” is believed to have separated Britain from the rest of Europe in a very short time. (A sneak preview of the just-released Nature article appeared in newspapers several months ago.)

The article explains the mechanisms behind the Channel’s formation:

Scientists tell the journal Nature [sic] that the torrent probably came from a giant lake in what is now the North Sea.

Some event—perhaps an earthquake—caused the lake’s rim to breach at the Dover Strait, they believe.

Dr Sanjeev Gupta, from Imperial College London, and colleagues say the discharge would have been one of the most significant megafloods in recent Earth history, and provides an explanation for Britain's island status.2

While the theory isn’t new, this study is one of the most detailed examinations of high-resolution sonar maps of the Channel basin to date.

The images detail deep grooves and streamlined features, the hallmarks of landforms that have been gouged by large bodies of fast-moving water.

At its peak, it is believed that the megaflood could have lasted several months, discharging an estimated one million cubic metres of water per second. And from the way some features have been cut, it is likely there were at least two distinct phases to the flooding.3

Let’s take stock here: an enormous amount of water, a short timeframe, evidence of water-gouged landforms, and a large basin left behind. Does this sound strangely familiar?

Back in Britain, however, this particular group of researchers is quick to assert that the flood that formed the Channel happened “200,000 years ago.” Though the article does not tell how they obtained such a date, one can assume that they are relying on their preconceived notions about the age of the earth. According to a biblical interpretation, it is likely that the Channel was formed at some point after the waters receded from the one true “mega-Flood” that the world has experienced. For more information on the likely scenario concerning this event, see “Flood Cuts off Europe.”

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