Adaptation Not Evolution

Natural selection prefers one lot of information over another, leading to adaptation. However, selection by itself can choose only from what is there—it can’t create new, more complex, functional information needed to transform one type of creature into another.

Peppered Moths

The story of peppered moths has become an almost legendary illustration for natural selection. Millions have been taught that the workings that (allegedly) caused different colored varieties of peppered moths are exactly the same as the workings that (supposedly) produced “goo-to-you” evolution over billions of years.

Evolving Bedbugs?

New studies of bedbug genes offer the latest supposed example of evolution in action. The creatures are now able to survive pesticide applications a thousand times greater than what was lethal just a decade ago.

Rapid Evolution of Lizards

Five adult pairs of the Italian wall lizard were moved from one Croatian island to another in an experiment now revealed to have “shocking” results. When the scientists returned, plenty of “evolution” had happened. So-called “evolution” is possibly just natural selection acting on pre-existing genetic information, helping a population adapt to its surroundings.

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