A Different View of Natural Selection

on ; last featured January 22, 2012

Creationists believe in natural selection.

Some evolutionists find that claim surprising. But visitors to the Creation Museum’s new exhibit “Natural Selection Is Not Evolution” will learn how natural selection fits nicely within the biblical worldview.

Top-quality displays on finches, dogs, blind cavefish, and mutations explain the facts and common misconceptions about natural selection. What can it do and not do, and how does it differ from evolution?

Blind Cavefish

Visitors to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati observe up close live blind cavefish in a simulated cave pool. Their lack of color and sight aren’t the kind of changes that would produce new types of creatures. Rather, they show how God designed creatures to adapt quickly to varied environments through mutations and natural selection.

Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

Dangerous strains of bacteria that become resistant to antibiotics are often touted as an example of “evolution in action.” However, no new genetic information is added to the bacteria, as molecules-to-man evolution requires. Instead, pre-existing genetic information is either shuffled around in the population or even lost.

Variation Within Created Kinds

The amazing variations within finches and dogs are not the result of evolution but rather designs that God placed within the DNA of the original kinds. Dog breeders merely select preexisting traits—they don’t create them. In the case of wild finches, it appears that nature “selected” the finches with the traits most suitable for each environment.

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