Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic Resistance in E. coli

Highly virulent strain of Shiga-toxin producing E. coli continues to wreak havoc. Bacterial strains do not have to “evolve” resistance to antibiotics; they just have to survive when their non-resistant neighbors get killed off.

Evolving Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance has long been a problem. Pathogens resistant to antibiotics survive and take over, causing many difficult-to-treat infections. Many claim that antibiotic resistance is the observable proof of evolution. But are bacteria really evolving?

Bacteria Used in Textbooks to Prove Evolution

Public school textbooks claim that bacteria’s sophisticated capacity to change—which appears to be built into their systems—supports the claim that molecules can change into completely different kinds of creatures—despite the fact that these changes require the addition of completely different kinds of genetic information.

Claim of Mimicking Evolution in the Lab

The ability to predict how bacteria will respond to new drugs is exciting science, but to say scientists are “predicting evolutionary potential” is sadly misleading. The ability of bacteria to survive in hostile environments points to pre-existing information and mechanisms that God put in the genes of bacteria in the first place.

Articles About Antibiotic Resistance


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