Do Mutations Drive Evolution?

In the evolutionary model, mutations are hailed as a dominant mechanism for pond-scum-to-people evolution and provide “proof ” that the Bible’s history about creation is wrong. But are we to trust the ideas of imperfect, fallible men about how we came into existence?

Mutations and New Genetic Information

If new genetic information—required to build eyes where there are none, for example—does not occur in nature, then evolution is stuck in the water. For evolutionists, the solution comes in the form of mutations. The problem is that the only beneficial mutations ever observed do not add new information to the genome.

Mutations in Viruses

This study illustrates the fact that natural selection can operate on a series of mutations and even on other organisms to produce a population change with a noticeably new characteristic. Yet for all that, the result was diversity within a kind.

Mutations Could Help in Finding HIV Vaccine

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has frustrated efforts to create an effective vaccine. Analysis of naturally developed antibodies in a few infected patients, however, has uncovered a pattern in HIV mutations, a pattern that could be the key to developing an HIV vaccine.

Articles About Mutations


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