Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest—A Brutal Philosophy

If evolution requires death in order to operate, why should humans suffer feelings of loss when others die. Evolution doesn’t care who lives or who dies; it doesn’t care if that person is related to you or not. It is a cold thing that toils, eats, and destroys.

Survival of the Smaller Red Deer?

We’ve all heard it before on TV or in biology textbooks: evolution removes those members of a species that are less fit. This, after all, has been one of the assumptions about how evolution prunes the gene pool and somehow blindly selects those attributes that are better adapted to the environment What does one do, however, with the recurrence of “less-than-ideal” members of the species?

Kindness Hard to Fit into Evolutionary Worldview

Evolutionary scientists observe altruistic and compassionate behavior in humans and must explain the source—but their Darwinian framework requires that such behavior must be evolutionarily motivated. In other words, non-self-interested behavior must still be reducible to self-interest.

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